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Concerned Communities of Falkirk (CCoF) are still opposing Dart Energy’s planning application for coal bed methane extraction at Letham Moss, Falkirk. The planning application was the subject of a Public Local Inquiry in 2014. Note that Dart Energy (Forth Valley) Limited's interest as licensee in PEDL133 was assigned to INEOS Upstream Limited in May 2015.

CCoF created a convincing case at the public inquiry with a strong legal team, backed up by internationally respected experts. Many local community councils joined with us, creating a strong, single voice. But without the generous donations of our supporters from across the UK and around the world we could not have raised enough money to cover the significant costs and expenses associated with preparing for the public inquiry, notably for top-level legal representation.

The appeal process was put on hold during the temporary moratorium on UG extraction which began in 2015.  The evidence-gathering and public consultation that took place during the moratorium led to an effective ban in Scotland and the government reporters are now considering what to do with the Dart Energy appeal. The reporters issued a request for further submissions in November 2017.

In January 2018 INEOS announced that it has instigated judicial review proceedings in respect of the Scottish Ministers' decision on 3rd October 2017 to introduce a planning policy banning onshore oil and gas development in Scotland.

In light of these recent developments, we are currently raising money to pay legal fees and enable us to make a further submission to the government reporters for the Dart Energy appeal. We are grateful for your donations to help with this. Thank you!


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